MSc Computer Science and Electronics in Medicine


Manager and PI of 22 research projects. 40 publications and 4 patents.

Research interests:
medical image analysis, AI/ML/DL

MSc Computer Science

Technical Solutions Architect

A software engineer with over 14 years of commercial Java and C++ experience.

Research interests:
cloud computing, AI

PhD Computer Science


Strong industry background 12-year academic research Numerous publications and patents.

Research interests:
cloud computing, 5g networking, AI

MSc Computer Science


15-year industry experience.

6 Publications and patent.

Founder of Autosymed SRL and operational director.









Advisory board

Prof. Michael Friebe



CorFlow invites diverse stakeholders to contribute to the advancement of cardiac care through our innovative product. Here are several avenues for potential collaboration:

Medical Specialists

Medical experts, particularly cardiologists, can actively engage by providing annotations and corrections to AI algorithm results. Their valuable input ensures the accuracy of coronary artery segmentation, branch identification, and lesion detection and characterization. Additionally, their feedback on user experience will aid in refining the product for optimal performance.

Healthcare Providers

Hospitals, both public and private, and other medical units have the opportunity to integrate CorFlow into their workflow for real-time coronarography analysis. Our cloud-based teleconsultation platform facilitates collaboration among heart teams, enabling the secure sharing of medical data for consultations.

Medical Specialists (cardiologists)

Cardiologists looking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities can utilize CorFlow for stenosis detection, characterization, and SyntaxScore calculation. By incorporating CorFlow into their practice, they can save time and have coronarography data analysis and treatment decisions facilitated.

Researchers and Institutions

Research and development institutions, universities, and researchers seeking robust datasets for ML model training and algorithms development can collaborate with CorFlow.

Scientific Projects Collaborations

Scientists, researchers, and institutions interested in research collaborations can explore partnership opportunities with CorFlow. Collaborative projects can drive AI/ML/DL/tech innovative solutions and advancements in the medical field.

Developers and AI/ML Specialists

Skilled developers and AI/ML specialists are invited to join our team to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of CorFlow. Your expertise can help shape the future of cardiac care by refining algorithms and expanding the capabilities of our system.


Anyone passionate about advancing cardiac care and contributing to cutting-edge technology is welcome to engage with CorFlow. Your interest and support play a vital role in shaping the future of cardiac diagnostics and treatment.

CorFlow's collaborative approach ensures that a diverse range of perspectives converge to enhance the effectiveness, accuracy, and accessibility of cardiac care. Whether you are a medical specialist, researcher, developer, healthcare provider, or enthusiast, there's a pathway for you to contribute to CorFlow's mission of revolutionizing cardiac care through innovative AI-driven solutions.

For research

For healthcare


Join our team

Become part of our team where you can boost your strengths and capabilities creating synergy to overcome challenges. Every day is a chance to learn, innovate, and redefine what’s achievable.

Fuel Your Curiosity

Embrace continuous learning and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realms of medical technology and AI. Your journey here isn’t just a job – it’s a pathway to constant evolution and professional development.

Discover Emerging Technologies

CorFlow is developed with Domain Driven Design principles, employing newest technologie i.e. microservices, virtualization with docker containers, automated Azure cloud CI/CD. Engage in algorithm development, AI/ML/DL exploration, medical image analysis, and data analytics, contribute to scientific breakthroughs and research papers.

Unlock Global Opportunities

Join CorFlow and open the door to a world of opportunities. Collaborate with experts in diverse healthcare settings, travel the globe, participate in scientific conferences, trainings, and learn from the best in the field. Grow your career and expand your network with CorFlow.

Make an Impact

Contribute to creating cutting-edge technical solutions tailored to medical needs, revolutionize patient centered care, healthcare democratization, provide diagnosis and treatment facilitation, create practical solutions that enter the clinical ecosystem and leave a lasting imprint on patient care shaping the future of medicine.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

At CorFlow, we understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Join our team to enjoy a supportive environment that values your well-being. Every day, you’ll have the chance to contribute your skills, grow professionally, and have time for your personal passions and interests.